Little Black Dog Website

The Little Black Dog Rescue Group is a compassion centered rescue, helping dogs in need find their DC forever homes.


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the challenge

One of Washington, D.C.'s newest and most active rescue organizations, The Little Black Dog Rescue Group was co-founded by my younger sister Sally Huizinga - who might be the most passionate dog lover you have ever met. After arriving at the decision to start this organization, she came to me and asked for help in getting a website launched. Fortunately for her (and me), I had recently ventured into the world of Webflow and together we created an experience that truly conveys the passion that the organization's leadership and volunteers have for the work they do.

I just wanted to say I’ve been all over dog rescue sites the last couple of months and yours is the BEST one I’ve seen. Stylish, easy to navigate, easy to apply. Your web designer is awesome and I’m appreciative!

It never hurts to have adorable dog and puppy pictures make up the bulk of your website imagery, but the pairing of an easy-to-follow user experience, bright colors from their new brand, and the customization offered through Webflow made this project a really fun and exciting one to get out into the world!